Lawrence Martin


Thirteenth Doctor

Date of Birth:

23rd October 1992 (age: 17) Warrington, England

Notable Works:

Doctor Who The Internet Series (in Production)

External Links: (Personal Blog)

Lawrence Martin (Born 23rd October 1992) portrays the Thirteenth Doctor on Doctor who The Internet Series. He made his debut in the part in DWIS: Reawakening, First shown on August 30th 2010 and played the role throught the Series.



Martin grew up in Warrington and attended Birchwood Community High School. He wanted to become a Game Designer and studies it quite frequently, With no drama qualifications or training he does what comes into his head and takes on the role as the Doctor quite seriously.

Currently studying at the warrington collegiate doing Games Design. This is his first acting role.


Series OneEdit

Episode one: Reawakening (30th August 2010)

Episode Two: The Serpent in the Sand

Episode Three: TBA

Episode Four: Natures Revenge

Episode Five: The Flare of Nature

Episode Six: Katie's War

Episode Seven: Regeneration of the Daleks

Episode Eight: Countdown to Destruction

Episode Nine: The Shadowed Planet

Episode Ten: The Crystal of Darkness

Episode Eleven: The King Possessed

Episode Twelve: TBA

Episode Thirteen: TBA


Episode X1: The Christmas Shadow

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